Products - Security Screens
Security Screens are a strong, durable product option to secure your investment, deter burgarlaries  and breakins, yet at the same time provide great curb appeal! Our custom Security Screens meet all your security requirements for your commerical  business and property. 
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The benefits of the security screens:
  • allows you to sleep with your windows open and still have a secure home
  • provides a safe place for young children to not accidently be pushing out the screen and having an accident
  • protects and keeps out mosquitos and any other type of insects
  • help prevents your dog and or cat from clawing and scratching the screens and possibly getting out

Model #1000- Fixed Style & Model #1500 Egress Style 
  • Frame and Mullions are roll-formed lockseam tubular, minimum .333(24) guage hot dipped galvanized steel
  • The security screens have a high tensile stainless wire mesh fitted into either type model to protect your property.
  • All exposed surfaces of the frame and mesh are powder coated in standard and special order colors.

All screens shall be warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from delivery date. Abuse, normal fading of colors and normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty!

**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar, and no way to determine the strength of the object he/she will use to enter your home and business. Security Screens togther with other security products, will help deter a successful break-in or act of  vandalism. For your hight risk areas, please consider security screens along with an alarm system.