Products - Retractable Screens

Talius Habitat Retractable Screens are the perfect sun protection solution great for your residential home, patios, gazebos, business, and or cottage. They are energy efficient and an attractive alternate to traditional  interior blinds and window treatments. comfortable environment during the summer They are like sunglasses for your property and provides a comfortable environment during the summer months without obstructing your view.

 The Benefits of the Habitat Retractable Screens:

  •   Creates added outdoor living space
  •   Reduces air conditioning costs
  •   Provides shade from the sun withou  compromising the view
  •   Protection from harmful UV rays
  •   Variety of color options to compliment your homes exterior decor
  •   Creates excellent privacy during the daytime and nighttime you can only see silhouettes
  •   Protect furniture, carpets,rugs from fading
  •   Keeps out annoying insects,mosquitos and wasps
  •   Powder coated frame systems
  •  Custom made for widths up to 19'8, heights up to 12'

Talius Habitat Retractable Screens are stylish addition to your home and can easily compliment commercial, residential and institutional properties. The Talius Habitat Screens with a high quality, unique vinyl-coated polyester fabric, engineered specifically for exterior applications. The Habitat Screens are installed on the exterior side of your home and or windows, allowing you to roll them up when not in use.

The sleek panel box and guide rail design is available in four standard colours (white, beige, brown, and silver), or from over 1800 custom colours. The fabrics are available in a variety of different colors and 3 different weave densities (5%10%45%) to provide you with the right look and amount of shade you require to meet your needs.

Talius also has the capability to split your Habitat  Retractable Screens into multiple sections that can be operated together. You are able to operate your Habitat Screens with manual and or motorized convenience from the inside of your home or business. Talius offers remote controls, sun sensors, timers and home automation solutions.

In addition to providing superior sun protection and energy efficiency Habitat Screens also prevent insects from entering your home and or outdoor living space. The unique retention system uses a zipper that keeps the screen in a track and prevents the screen from blowing out of the guide rails on a windy days. This prevents insects from entering your porch and or patio while the screen is in the down position. You are not forced inside during the evening hours when the bugs and mosquitos are out in full force!