Products - Security Gates
Security gates are strong and cost-effective. They are a bold deterrent that block and visually deter intruders, protecting your assets.

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Standard Security Gates
Our standard security gate is a powder-coated steel retractable grill that can be used in a variety of front entrance doors for retail stores, gas stations, warehouses, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, and more. They are customized to meet many applications and secure openings of up to 20 feet in width.

Easily folded away to 15% of the fully expanded size, security gates are off to side when not in use. All security gates come with a variety of locking options (such as slam locks or thumb-turns) that can be keyed for all security installations.

Double Diamond Security Gates
Armor Security Glass also carries double diamond security gates - a closed lattice retractable grill with a protective sleeve designed to prevent insertion of hands and tools attempting to pry open and unlock the gate. Providing high security, the double diamond security gates are available in a variety of widths and heights and allow the gate to be opened from the interior of the building.
Trolley Security Gates
Trolley security gates provide a mobile security system. The gates can be wheeled away and stored when not in use. Available in white, light grey, black and safety yellow, the trolley security gates can span widths of up to 98 feet. Ideal for inventory control or allowing a shipping door to stay open during the hot summer months while keeping your business secure.
  • We offer a two-year warranty against defective materials and workmanship
  • All steel used in our products is carbon controlled by ISO 9002 standards
**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar and no way to determine the strength of the object that may be used to enter your home or business. Security gates, together with other security products, will help deter a successful break-in or act of vandalism. For your high risk areas, please consider using security gates along with an alarm system.