Products - Security Barriers

Armor Security Glass offers a variety of custom-made security barriers that can protect your home, business, or commercial property.

Lexan Security Barriers

Commonly known as acrylic or poly-carbonate clear panel, Lexan is a registered trade mark of GE. A strong and durable product that can protect glass if impact strength is needed, Lexan is often used in high traffic and high impact areas such as educational institutions, hockey rink panels, storefront security, and point of purchase displays.

Lexan can be custom cut and mounted over top of your glass, with or without an aluminum frame, depending on the look you choose.

In this photo, MR10 Lexan sheets were installed over top of the stained glass windows to protect them from breakage and vandalism.

Pass-Thru Systems

Pass-thru systems are commonly constructed for convenience stores, gas stations, cheque cashing facilities and cashier booths, pharmacies or any place where security is required.

Armor Security Glass will custom design your security window or transaction enclosure with pass-thru equipment such as transaction drawers, package receivers, deal trays, pharmacy windows and drawers, ticket windows, and other bullet-resistant security features.

Whether you need an individual unit and or a combination of products we will meet your requirements and help to make your business more reliable and secure.

This unit in this photo was designed for a cheque cashing facility. It was installed on a custom, prefabricated frame of clear anodized aluminum with 3 panels of 19 mm anneal glass. It has two Level 3 stainless steel bullet-resistant pass-through trays, two Level 1 Round Clear-Vision bullet resistant acrylic speak-thru’s, and 21 mil security film installed on all the glass.

Commercial Protection Systems

Commercial Protection Systems are ideal to protect your merchandise, discourage theft and vandalism, and lower your insurance premiums. These enclosures consist of full-height extruded aluminium panels suspended from a steel structure with an added anti-theft ceiling grid for maximum security.

Each enclosure is custom-made to fit your specific area. The panels are hidden off to the side during the day and protect your merchandise after business hours.

The enclosure in this photo was designed for a convenience store when the Tobacco Display Ban was enacted in Manitoba.

**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar and no way to determine the strength of the object that may be used to enter your home or business. Security barriers, together with other security products, will help deter a successful break-in or act of vandalism. For your high risk areas, please consider using security barriers along with an alarm system.