Products - Security Window Films
Security window films provide a security solution that can enhance your current security system and transform the most vulnerable areas of your home, business, and workplace into a more secure environment.

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Armor Security Glass carries Safety Zone safety and security window films, a leading manufacturer recognized world-wide.

Our safety and security window films adhere to the interior of new or existing glass windows and doors. The window films and their anchoring system act as a protective layer, securing glass shards and splinters on the surface of the film and holding the shattered glass in place in the window frame.

The safety and security window films are manufactured from single or multiple layers of tough, optical clear polyester film that is laminated together. One side of the film is coated with an extremely powerful adhesive formula that is applied to the interior surface of the glass, while the exterior (room facing) side is protected with a special scratch-resistant coating and UV ray protectant.

Our Safety Zone window films also include Safety/Solar combination window films that provide heat rejection, glare control and UV blocking, increasing your energy efficiency and cost-savings. Our security film products provide 98-99% UV reduction and also create a 1R insulation effect that helps reduce your heating bills.

All of our products are custom-cut to individual requirements. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free, detailed estimate for safety/security window film to fit your security needs!

International Glass Safety-Standards Accreditation:
  • EN 12600
  • ANSI Z-97.1
  • BS 6200
  • GSA level C & D
  • CPSC 1201
  • EN 356
  • DIN 52290
**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar, and no way to determine the strength of the object he/she will use to enter your home or business. Security window film, together with other security products, will help deter a successful break-in or act of vandalism. For your high risk areas, please consider security window film along with an alarm system.