Products - Security Rollshutters
Rollshutters can provide security, privacy, energy savings, as well as add value and character to a business or residential property.

Armor Security Glass carries two types of rollshutters: polyurethane foam filled aluminum slats and the thicker double wall extruded aluminum slats. Double wall extruded aluminum slats are about twice as thick as the polyurethane foam filled style, making them the strongest option available.

The shutters are easily controlled from the inside. You may choose manual crank, manual push-up, or electric operation. With the electric motor option, multiple rollshutters can be operated from one switch or remote. For additional security, you can have a keylock that can be re-keyed to match existing locks.
Rollshutters require very little maintenance. Wiping them clean or hosing them off from time to time is adequate to keep them rolling smoothly.

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Our rollshutters have a 5 year warranty on the electric motors and 1 year warranty on all other options.

Rollshutters - did you know...
  • In the closed position, a rollshutter acts as an insulation barrier and significantly reduces noise from outside entering your home or business.
  • Rollshutters only need to be two-thirds lowered to be effective in reducing solar heat. The shutter deflects the sun’s rays keeping out unwanted heat in the summer, meaning air conditioning can be run less.
  • You can add a graphic to your rollshutter and advertise your business even when it’s closed.
  • Older buildings look cleaner and newer when rollshutters are installed.

**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar and no way to determine the strength of the object that may be used to enter your home or business. Rollshutters, together with other security products, will help deter a successful break-in or act of vandalism. For your high risk areas, please consider an alarm system along with your rollshutters.